Whether you’re experiencing the effects of an illness or injury or helping someone else through the process, we know that you might have several questions and be in need of critical support and care. As Sutra is among the top 10 holistic centers in Siliguri . We know that treatments require a multi-pronged approach. At such a critical moment, it's important that you are focused on gaining their health and form back instead of having to look in multiple directions.
We are here to help you find answers. Our goal is to provide helpful information and a place to turn to for expert care. With a full range of wellness and rehabilitation care services, we continually strive to offer innovative care to our patients. We provide hearing aids in Siliguri to make a positive change in our patient's life. By combining medicine, physical and psychological rehabilitation with state of the art diagnostics and cutting edge in medical technology, Sutra is committed to being your holistic wellness destination..
The goal of Sutra is to not only help our patients return to their healthy, normal lives but to partner with them throughout that journey and even beyond to ensure we improve their overall quality of life. We do this by ensuring we make available to our patients not only the most skilled and qualified professionals but also ensuring that each patient's unique treatment regimen is curated through a multi-disciplinary approach focussing on mind, body and lifestyle modifications.
The field of wellness and rehabilitation is advancing at an exciting pace, helping people regain function and independence once thought impossible. Our experts are constantly researching new developments, improved methodologies and the latest technological innovations that will help you overcome your toughest challenges.
We believe the power and will to overcome lies within each individual and we make it our mission to help you find that will and to give you hope in times of despair. Creating an environment where medical experts can utilize their skills and knowledge to become trusted advisors to our patients and guide them throughout their recovery process and beyond.
Creating processes that foster collaboration and ensure each individual is treated and evaluated using a multidisciplinary approach.
Staying at the forefront of the latest research, development and technology to ensure we quickly adopt such practices that lead to better outcomes for our patients.
Promoting public awareness and the importance of holistic wellness to ensure attention is sought at the right time. Highlight the benefits of a sound mind and body by making better lifestyle choices through diet and exercise.

Our Values

Knowledge & Innovation
We are committed to continuous change for the better and adopt the latest research, information and technology to provide the best possible outcome and experience for our patients.
We constantly strive to provide and are committed to the highest standards of holistic care
integrity & Transparency
We hold ourselves to the highest ethical standards. We believe in being honest and transparent with all our patients and let that guide our every action
Compassion and Respect
We exhibit compassion, respect and utmost care in daily interactions with patients and their families.
The mission of Sutra is to improve the quality of life for the individuals we serve by providing a continuum of services targeted towards holistic well being.
The one-stop comprehensive complex care facility - combining medicine, diagnostics, physical rehabilitation, psychological well-being and lifestyle modifications.
Sutra seeks to achieve its mission and vision by:
Continuously improving the quality of wellness services offered by means of a broad continuum of care.
Recognizing and addressing the needs of the whole person – mind, body and spirit.
Developing partnerships with individuals and their families by being completely transparent and by ensuring they actively participate throughout the process to achieve high-quality functional outcomes
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